Betting on Squash


There aren’t a huge amount of sports betting bookmakers that offer odds for sports betting fans to wager on competitive squash matches, but there are a few. Betsson, listed on the Swedish stock exchange, and with operations in a wide variety of countries around the world is one of them. Famous for offering odds on a great selection of sports events around the world, Betsson covers the top squash events such as a number of the World Open and World Squash Series as well as the World Squash Championships.

For anyone who favours the occasional flutter on squash or who would like to and until now didn’t know it was possible, Betsson’s head of alternative sport Brian Flannigan gives a few words of advice:

“Betting on squash games or the outcome of competitive tournaments is first and foremost like betting on any sporting event. You should only ever do it for a little bit of fun and added spice to your viewing entertainment. You should only ever bet sums which you can afford to lose and also that you won’t mind losing. Sports betting companies are businesses and the system is designed to favour us. Of course individuals think they know better than our statistical analysts and can take into consideration factors such as form and personality and that is where the fun lies – beating the system. But at the end of the day sports betting should be all about not worrying about it when you lose your bet and being very happy about it when you win.

Betting on squash matches involves exactly the same approach as betting on any sport. It helps if you know the sport and its particular vagaries well. What are the factors that will influence the outcome? Knowing intimately the strengths and weaknesses of the players competing and how they match up against each other, their historical performance etc. is also vital to the chance of correctly guessing the outcome of a tournament or a particular game”.

With the Squash World Championships due to start soon in Malaysia it might be a good time to for keen squash fans to have a flutter and put a few quid on their favourite in the hope of a big win.

Why you should play squash

Squash is one of the most highly concentrated, energetic sports ever created. Housed within the four walled court, the two players not only have to tactically outplay and out maneuver their opponent, but must also control the flow of the ball, which can travel at a record 172 mph.

Control of the T will allow a player to take control of the whole game. When stood in the centre of the court, the T will be immediately beneath a player’s feet and all four walls will be less than 2 strides away. The opposition will try a plethora of shots to try and seize control of the T and therefore seize control of the point.

The game is played at a furious tempo which means that players burn around 1000 calories an hour. However the game is played, it is always guaranteed to bring a smile to both players faces.